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OU graduate makes Norman City Council history in win over incumbent

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Alex Scott

Alex Scott, an OU graduate, won the Norman incumbent Ward 8 city councilman election.

An OU graduate beat out Norman's incumbent Ward 8 city councilman in the April 3 runoff election, becoming the youngest city council member in Norman history.

Alex Scott, a 24-year-old Oklahoma native, captured 58 percent of the vote in the April 3 election, while current Ward 8 representative Kyle Allison received 42 percent of the vote, according to the election website. Scott is pursuing a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis on nonprofit management at OU.

Scott said she has always had a passion for politics, but it became more prominent when she got involved with the Oklahoma Education Association while teaching at a local high school.

“My passion for politics has always been there — it was more dormant until about 2016, but what happened was that I have always wanted to create change and policy changes just to make quality of life better for everyone,” Scott said.

Scott attended the National Education Association's leadership summit in February 2017, where she was trained in advocacy and activism. The event was a catalyst for her decision to do whatever she could to create a better environment for the people of Norman.

“To be in a room full of people who are like-minded and want to create change is extremely inspiring, especially after the 2016 elections when many of us were let down,” Scott said.

Before that, Scott said she was someone who just complained online or to her friends.

“It occurred to me that there is no use in complaining — it does nothing, it just puts out negativity,” Scott said.

Scott turned 24 on Tuesday, making her the youngest city council member in the history of Norman.

“I wasn’t aiming to be the youngest or anything,” Scott said. “I would have been younger had I been elected two months ago. I have a lot to learn, I know that for sure.”

Scott said she has a lot of catching up to do before she takes office on July 3.

“I have been procrastinating my homework for grad school, so that is going to be a priority over the next month,” Scott said. “The campaign was a really excellent excuse to not do my homework.”

Besides catching up on homework, Scott is also hoping to hold an event to thank the people of the Norman community for their support during the election process.

“I would like to have some kind of community event like a creek cleanup, or a movie in the park, or a community cookout or something like that, just to say thank you for your vote, thank you for your volunteerism, thank you for everything — we couldn’t have done it without you, we did this together,” Scott said.  

Kailey Fralix, News Reporter, Sophomore

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