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OU continues Title IX investigation regarding Hall, says Boren accuser Jess Eddy was 'subjected to a hostile working environment'

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Jess Eddy (copy)

Jess Eddy, a former OU staff member and alumnus, speaks in front of Evans Hall May 15.

Jess Eddy, who has accused former OU President David Boren and former administrator Tripp Hall of sexual harassment, was sent a letter from an OU official via email Thursday describing the results of the university's investigation against Boren.

According to the letter, after a thorough review of the evidence, and using a standard of preponderance of the evidence, "the evidence was found to be sufficient to substantiate that (Eddy) had been subjected to a hostile working environment."

According to the letter, the outcome of the university's investigation was sent to the OU Board of Regents for appropriate administrative action.

According to the letter, after an individual "voluntarily separates or resigns from OU, the University lacks jurisdiction over the individual, as the maximum sanction that the University can impose on anyone is disassociation with the University."

OU is continuing to look into allegations against Hall, the official said in the email the letter was attached to.

A university official told The Daily Friday that the investigation into Hall is continuing despite the fact that he is no longer associated with the university because OU has a responsibility to investigate the Title IX complaints made against individuals.

When Boren resigned, the official said, the OU Board of Regents decided that the investigation into complaints against him was complete. The university has yet to deem the Tripp Hall investigation has been completed, so the investigation continues.

Scott Kirker is a letters and Spanish senior and summer editor-in-chief of The Daily. Previously he worked as a news reporter covering research and administrative searches.

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