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OU College of International Studies to host virtual Mexico Week

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Study Abroad (copy)

This one of the hallways in the College of International Studies at OU Sept. 1, 2017

The OU College of International Studies will launch Mexico Week on Sept. 14 to promote studying abroad at OU Puebla.

According to a College of International Studies graphic, Mexico Week will take place from Sept. 14-18 via Instagram, Facebook and Zoom to engage with the OU community while following OU’s Safe and Resilient Plan

Logan Gray, an OU Puebla study abroad adviser, said in an interview with the Daily, Mexico Week’s schedule consists of “cooking demonstrations, walking tours, dance lessons and information about [OU’s] upcoming studying abroad [program] in Puebla, Mexico.” 

Gray said students who attend Mexico Week will have the opportunity to attend the College of International Studies virtual Fall Study Abroad Fair on Sept. 16 and to meet Armando García, the OU in Puebla site director and Grady Wray, OU associate professor of Spanish and one of the OU Puebla faculty members. 

Mexico Week highlights the variety of options provided for students looking for “affordable study abroad options” like OU in Puebla, Gray said. 

“Outside of classes taught by OU faculty, students have the opportunity to take on internships, service-learning projects and medical rotations all in a city that has tremendous cultural and economic relevance,” Gray said. “Not only do students pay OU tuition and fees, but Puebla has a high standard of living at a lower cost than even Norman.”

The College of International Studies decided to move the Education Abroad’s study center weeks, like Mexico Week, online for fall 2020 to continue engaging with students amid COVID-19. 

“[The Education Abroad office is] continuing to be available to current students through Zoom appointments and adding a new live chat feature to our homepage,” Gray said.

Although the Education Abroad office was unable to send students abroad for the 2020 summer and fall, Gray said they are “hopeful” to determine the best countries for studying abroad in the spring and “are very encouraged to see countries around the world that are beginning to return from the pandemic environment.”

For more information on Mexico Week, visit @ouabroad and @ouinpuebla.

Marien López-Medina is an international student and United World Colleges alumna from Nicaragua. She is majoring in journalism with a minor in public and nonprofit administration and works as a news reporter for The Daily.

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