OU BERT aims to increase student involvement through semester-long 'Activist Series'

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A graphic for the Black Emergency Response Team's "What Type of Activist Are You?" event.

OU’s Black Emergency Response Team will host an event aimed at encouraging advocacy and activism as part of a semester-long event series.

The event, “What Type of Activist Are You?” will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Feb. 3 in the Adams Center Tarman Basement.

BERT co-founder Miles Francisco said the interactive event will feature activists telling their stories in advocacy and a conversation on how to be an effective ally for the black community.

“This work of advocacy and activism is for anyone and everyone,” Francisco said. “It’s about sharing our stories of our path to activism and also to shed light on the ways that anybody can be a voice for the community. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that prototypical person who’s on the front line with a megaphone.”

The event is part of the group’s "Activist Series," which will feature multiple events throughout the semester, Francisco said.

“The aim (of the Activist Series) is bringing in more people to serve in more visible roles in BERT and in the different capacities that BERT needs filling, but also just to create a larger community of student activism on campus,” Francisco said.

BERT will also premiere its new ambassador program at the Monday night event. Francisco said the new initiative is a mentorship program for student activism focused on reaching younger OU students.

Francisco said the event is free and open to all community members.

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