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OU announces second Resilience Development Institute in New Orleans

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Lightning as the storms passed over Norman April 26.

OU will conduct its second Resilience Development Institute on Oct. 17-21 at the JW Marriott in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The program provides attendees with two of three necessary sessions designed to train Certified Resilience Professionals.

According to a press release, the program will focus on giving community leaders the knowledge and skills needed to make their communities more responsive to impactful incidents like natural disasters, large-scale accidents and acts of destruction.

The institute this year will offer Session 1: Foundations in Resilience, offered in 2015 at the first Institute in Oklahoma City, and Session 2: Implementing Resilience.

The third session will be offered in 2017.

Lisa Angelotti, program coordinator of the OU Center for Community, Energy, and Economic Development, said the Institute moves each year considering unexpected events can happen anytime and anywhere.

The release states those who have already received the training from session one can jump right into session two, and first timers to the Institute will be able to attend both sessions.

“There is no one solution for a community to be resilient,” OU ReDI Executive Director Heather Reichert said in a release. "It’s a horizontal issue and a vertical solution won’t help. Our program will provide leaders with not only a solid foundation in resilience strategies, but the flexibility to develop the specific skills to maximize their community’s capabilities.”

ReDI encourages elected local, regional and state officials, municipal leaders, nonprofits, utilities companies and business leaders to attend the sessions.

OU is the first organization in the world to offer a certification in resilience strategies.

Registration costs $995 if purchased before June 3, according to the ReDI website, and registration ends Oct. 9. Registration fees cover full Institute including activities, keynote speakers and meals.

For more on the Institute and how to register, go to

Tanner Osborne is a journalism freshman and news reporter at the Daily.

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