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Majority of campus buildings have been disinfected, rest will be done by weekend, university announces

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In an email to OU employees, Vice President for University Operations Eric Conrad announced Thursday afternoon that the majority of campus buildings have been disinfected in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus at OU. 

The email, which comes after OU announced all classes would be moving online for the rest of the spring semester, provides an update on OU's campus sanitation efforts. Conrad said in the email that all spaces on campus will be completely sanitized by Sunday, March 22. 

"Whether employees are returning to work on campus, or only to gather those resources needed to teach or work from home, we want to reassure you that multiple steps have been taken to safeguard your well-being," Conrad said. 

Conrad said in the email that OU custodians and outside contractors conducted the sanitation efforts and that the process included a technique called electrostatic atomization that is used to "thoroughly treat large areas and surfaces with disinfectants made to eliminate COVID-19."

Additionally, facilities management has installed more hand sanitizer dispensers near the entryways of campus buildings. 

Conrad also encouraged employee supervisors to implement telecommuting efforts through the rest of the spring semester when possible. 

"Keeping our campus safe and healthy as possible is a community effort," Conrad said. "The most important precaution all of us can take is being mindful of our personal health by following social distancing guidelines and practicing good hygiene, such as washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching our faces, and other prescribed methods of responsible behavior."

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