Justin Norris, Dalton Gau discuss first steps as SGA president, vice president at inauguration ceremony

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Justin Norris

Student Government Association President Justin Norris speaks at the OU SGA inauguration Dec. 3.

OU's newest Student Government Association president and vice president officially took office at a Tuesday inauguration ceremony.

SGA President Justin Norris and Vice President Dalton Gau were sworn into office in the Oklahoma Memorial Union's Beaird Memorial Lounge. They took over from former SGA President Adran Gibbs and Vice President Prince Ohene-Nyako, and all four gave remarks at the ceremony.

Norris said he was excited to begin work in office and was glad to see all of the hard work his team put in culminate in this moment.

“I think the first thing I'm most excited to get going is just starting conversations (and continuing) the conversations we've already been having with different offices on campus,” Norris said. “So, getting our diversity and inclusion initiatives going — and then also specifically with fraternity and sorority programs, just really communicating with all of the leaders within those chapters.”

Gau said he was excited about the day but also mentioned the important work facing the administration.

“The most pressing thing we have right now is our appointments,” Gau said. “First, we just want to get a good team together and get a good group to surround us.” 

Gau said the new SGA administration would prioritize two steps he and Norris had campaigned on. 

“The problems of inclusivity and diversity have been at the forefront of most of the problems here on campus,” Gau said. “So I'd probably say our diversity and inclusivity action week, alongside our greek inclusivity officer initiative. Those two are our two biggest, strongest points.”

Norris said he hopes his administration can make OU better by encouraging unity.

“It’s something we have to do together. So I really encourage us to write our OU stories in a way that’s not just focused on the ‘I,’ and the ‘me,’ but in a way that includes (the OU community).”

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