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Gallogly College of Engineering competitive teams host open house before OU vs. South Dakota

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Sooner Off-Road Racing Team (copy)

The vehicles designed and built by the Sooner Off-Road Racing team in the engineering practice facility April 4, 2017.

The Gallogly College of Engineering’s student competition teams are hosting a gameday open house before the OU vs. South Dakota football game today. 

Members of the Sooner Rover, Sooner Racing and Sooner Robotics teams, among other groups, will admit fans into the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility to see some of their vehicle designs, including a Formula One car and a concrete canoe. 

Engineering practice coordinator Jimmy Cannon said the student competition teams have been award-winning at past competitions.

“We’ve done pretty well in placing in the top 10 in design-build-fly,” Cannon said. “The rover team actually won (NASA’s Robo-Ops challenge) probably three years ago, and our other teams have placed in the top third of the competition. There’s usually about 130 colleges at the competition.”

Cannon said the open house event happens only once a year, but there’s always something happening in the practice facility. 

“We have a machine shop in here  there’s about 400 students that use the facility in here — and we have about four different robotics teams, so there’s quite a bit going on,” Cannon said. “Last year’s projects (are) what we’ll have out on Saturday.”

The doors of the practice facility will be open to guests from 25 p.m.

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