Environmental justice organization to hold climate strike outside Dale Hall

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climate strike flyer (copy)

Flyer for the Climate Strike.

OU students are calling for community members to walk out as a part of a climate strike today.

The Environmental Justice Coalition of Oklahoma is planning a strike at 10:15 a.m. outside of Dale Hall, according to a press release. The strike will include a speaker lineup and a short march.

The strike is taking place at OU because of its “failure to offer sufficient sustainable transportation and dining options, and as well as its significant monetary ties to oil and gas corporations,” according to a press release.

OU failed to provide sustainable transportation through the decrease of funding for Campus Area Rapid Transit and making other modes of transportation, such as Crimson Cruisers, not easy to access, said Gant Roberson, Environmental Justice Coalition of Oklahoma co-founder.

Roberson also said OU is not sustainable in dining because it fails to offer food options to those with specialized diets, and because the university “backed out of the Real Food Campus Commitment last year, which would have made at least 20% of purchased food by the University held to sufficient sustainability and food justice standards by 2020.”

"As a student at the University of Oklahoma, I am deeply concerned with the relationship between the oil and gas industry, which is responsible for destroying our planet for the sake of profit, and our university,” Roberson said in the release. “Every institution with ties such as these, including our state and federal governments, is in-part responsible for the destruction of ecosystems and the loss of life that climate change will continue to cause."

The climate crisis is not something for future generations to worry about, international student Nayyifa Nihad said in the release. Many countries are already facing this, such as the Maldives.

“We already have a very real possibility of becoming climate refugees, and when it does happen, I’ll not only be losing my home, but my culture, my language, my identity, and everything that makes me a Maldivian,” Nihad said in the release. “I’m counting on you to show up and use your privilege for vulnerable communities like mine.”

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