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Donald Trump: The Iran deal was one of the dumbest ever

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Presidential Donald Trump speaks at the Oklahoma State Fair Sept. 25, 2015. Trump spoke in Tulsa with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Jan. 20, 2016.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took some time during his appearance today at the Oklahoma State Fair to express his distaste for the Iran nuclear deal.

"(The Iran deal) is one of the dumbest contracts I've ever seen of any kind," Trump said. "This was done by extremely stupid people."

Trump said sarcastically that he thought one of the "great clauses" of the contract was the self-inspection aspect. The Associated Press reported that Iran will be allowed to self-inspect a military site where some believe nuclear work activity may have occurred, and said the deal "is sure to roil critics who argue the deal is built on trust of the Iranians." 

The controversial candidate also criticized the U.S.'s negotiations with the Middle Eastern nation on its current detainment of four Americans. He blasted Secretary of State John Kerry on the way he has handled the negotiations to this point.

"Our chief negotiator (Kerry) decides he wants to be a professional bicycle rider," he said, referring to Kerry's injury while riding a bike in May. "He's going around a turn, and he crashes and he breaks his leg. And this is our negotiator!"

"So he's out for three weeks and then he walks in with crutches, and the Persians... Look at him like 'How dumb is this guy?'"

Then, Trump really got the crowd going with his next promise.

"I promise you as President, I will never be in a bicycle race," he said. 

In the middle of all of his criticism, however, Trump did compliment the Persians as being talented negotiators. 

Kimmi Breece, a fair-goer who attended Trump's speech, had some choice words about the candidate's views on Iran when his speech was over.

"I don't think he can point Iran out on a map," she said. "I'm a little bit hesitant to believe anything that he said." 

Makenzie Stanley, another fair-goer, agreed with Breece.

"I just felt like he didn't have a lot of knowledge on the situation," she said. "I felt like his approach really made him seem like a bully."

Trump also spoke on a variety of other topics, including illegal immigration, women's health programs and how the media sometimes provides misconceptions to the public about him. 

He seemed to enjoy his time in the Sooner state, as well:

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