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Documents reveal information regarding relationship between Tripp Hall, James Gallogly


OU President James Gallogly takes notes before the Board of Regents meeting Oct. 24 at Cameron University.

Documents released to The Daily reveal details about the relationship between OU President James Gallogly and Tripp Hall, a former OU vice president for university development.

On July 13, The Daily requested official communications between James Gallogly and other OU administrators. On Nov. 1, OU’s Open Records Office fulfilled the request with emails and text messages from the transitional period before Gallogly took office.

One such document included text messages between Gallogly and Hall on May 29. Gallogly expressed concern that Hall was potentially in Tulsa seeking donors for a landscaping endowment, which Hall denied.

“Tripp, I heard you were off to Tulsa fundraising,” Gallogly texted Hall. “Who are you seeing and what are we asking for? I heard from an angry donor we were asking for money to endow our campus landscaping. I hope not! That is not our go forward priority.”

Hall responded saying he had not contacted anyone regarding fundraising and that Gallogly had been misinformed.

“I would never move forward on a development ask without your full blessing and understanding,” Hall texted Gallogly. “The information you received is not true at all. I am sorry you have been misinformed.”

Hall then asked Gallogly who the donor was and who contacted them, to which Gallogly responded: “Must have been the Borens.”

Gallogly also responded with the name of the donor. However, the name was redacted by OU’s Open Records Office.

Hall was named vice president of development by David Boren in 2008 but was demoted by Gallogly to a different position in OU’s Office of University Development.

Hall was removed from his position Nov. 1 in a wave of over 50 staff terminations at the university. The majority of these terminations came from OU’s landscaping department.

Since taking office, Gallogly has indicated during at least three public events he planned to move away from “brick-and-mortar” expansions to instead focus on “investments in faculty and staff.”

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