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Cate Restaurants will reopen for fall semester

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Cate Restaurants (copy)

Accounting junior Naome Kadria and HES junior Chelsea Davis enjoy a meal together in Cate center Sunday afternoon in January 2015. Cate Restaurants will reopen for the fall semester.

Cate Restaurants will reopen for the fall semester.

The restaurants will reopen in time for the fall semester to begin, according to a university press release.

“We are pleased to bring back Cate Restaurants,” said Frank Henry, OU Food Services director, in the release. “Students have always loved the variety, affordability and convenience offered at Cate, so this is definitely great news. We are happy to bring back a student favorite.”

Henry had told The Daily earlier on Monday that the restaurants would return in the fall.

“Yeah, I think (reopening Cate Restaurants) is probably going to happen,” Henry told The Daily July 29. “We’re trying to fit the pieces back together.”

The reopened Cate Restaurants will once again feature Oliver’s, O’Henry’s, Roscoe’s Coffee, Ruthie’s, Taco Mayo, and Sushi with Gusto, featuring a new noodle bowl addition, according to the release. All restaurants are part of the student meal plan, and Cate Restaurants is scheduled to open Aug. 14 at 7 a.m, according to a flier posted on the building's front doors,

Since the closure of Cate Restaurants in May 2018, the location was renovated for use as a central production center for OU Housing and Food Services.

The Daily reported in April that the university was considering reopening Cate Restaurants, but no decision had been made. In the article, Henry said Cate was originally closed to encourage students to eat at new restaurants in Cross Village.

“(Cate) was (closed) to try to get people to go down to Cross, and we haven't seen that swell down there,” Henry said at the time.

A university official told The Daily on Monday that Cross Neighborhood dining options were removed from the OU website in error, and no change is planned for Cross dining options at this time.

Scott Kirker contributed to this report. This story was updated at 6:52 p.m. on Aug. 14 to reflect the new opening date.

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