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Chloe Tadlock elected Campus Activities Council chair by 21 votes in runoff election

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Chloe Tadlock beat opponent John Pham for the title of Campus Activites Council chair by just 21 votes Tuesday night.

It was almost a 50/50 race with Tadlock receiving 1,647 student votes and Pham receiving 1,626, according to election results.

Tadlock credits her success to those who helped her with the campaign.

“This (win) wasn’t me ... It was a 160 people who just worked their butts off," she said.

Though Pham lost the race, he said it was a good experience.

"I’ve learned a lot," Pham said. "... really leading a team and inspiring people and inspiring a vision, being able to do that and having the opportunity to expand my leadership skills has been such an incredible experience but also just, feeling and knowing how much support there is at OU."
His campaign manager agrees.
“I think we ran a really wonderful campaign and I think that we did really great things," said Lilli Kiehl, Pham's campaign manager. "I think that even though we didn’t win, we impacted this campus and we raised awareness for a lot of issues.”

Tadlock plans to continue to work with Pham in CAC.
“It’s a conversation that John and I are going to have just to see where he envisions himself as a member of CAC, where he would work well with me, where he feels comfortable and just making those efforts together," she said.
One area Tadlock plans to tackle immediately is diversity on campus.
“We definitely have the eyes on us — there’s no doubt about it," she said. "I think that the conversations that have been started have been incredible conversations and I think that we need to keep them going we need to keep moving forward and make CAC more accessible.”
Tadlock's campaign manager said she was nervous for a runoff election that only lasted 9 hours, but she is pleased with the results.
Tadlock is going to celebrate by hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep, she said.
“You know, it’s a very humbling experience," Tadlock said. "I can’t even sum it up, but I’m overwhelmed by this campus.”

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