SGA Meeting

The SGA Election Board speak at the SGA meeting tuesday evening. 

After a special election was held for the University College district of the Undergraduate Student Congress, the results are in.

According to an election report provided by the Student Government Association Election Board, the new University College district members are the following:

• Jordan Alan

• Kara Elwick

• Sydney Mills

• Michael Balague

• Robert Bellafiore

• Jamie Franzese

The official election took place Nov. 4 and 5, and the results for the rest of congress congress can be found here.

The University College district results were rendered invalid because of complications with the voting system that prevented some students from voting within the district.

This complication was caused by an error from OU Information Technology that listed some students in University College who shouldn't have been and didn't list some students who should have been listed in the college.

Election Board chairperson Taylor Petersen called for a special election after the error. Congress approved the special election at the Nov. 11 meeting.

The next meeting of the Undergraduate Student Congress will be during the spring semester on Jan. 20.

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