The mysterious clock tower. Anyone who has ever attended OU is familiar with this signature monument on the north side of campus.

I love walking past it on the way to my 8 a.m. class or sitting on a bench near its base. The area around the clock tower provides the perfect setting for an outside study session on a breezy spring afternoon.

Looking, glancing and admiring is all fine and good. But walking under the clock tower? Heck. No.

Legend has it that if a student walks under the clock tower, he or she will not graduate on time.

With a campus as big as OU’s, this myth is bound to have both followers and haters.

When asked if he would walk under the clock tower if dared to, men’s basketball point guard Sam Grooms said it was not a risk he was willing to take.

“It’s not going to happen,” Grooms said. “I don’t want any bad luck going against my team, I don’t need any bad luck on my side.”

Grooms isn’t the only student who sees the clock tower as a potential threat to his OU career.

“I do not want to be cursed for my years left at the university,” zoology sophomore Andrew Quinn said. “Anyone that has ever walked under [the tower] is cursed forever… or just the four years I guess.”

Most students at OU are aware of the myth, and whether they find it completely valid or purely legend, they keep their distance from the tower. When observing students walking by the tower one morning, interestingly enough, not a single person walked under it. Instead, students altered their paths, swerving to avoid the “curse.” Whether you believe in it or not, most students don’t seem to want to risk it.

However, some are not as fortunate to have the prior knowledge of the tower’s alleged powers.

“I walked under the clock tower before I heard of the myth,” meteorology sophomore Rita Leavitt said. “But I didn’t really care. I don’t buy into the whole clock myth thing.”

Would you do it for money?

“I would walk under it if there was money involved,” political science sophomore Sara Wiesman said. “I’d say 20 bucks would probably do me. Especially since graduating on time is looking less and less plausible.”

The neutral ones, the ones who don’t necessarily believe that walking under the clock tower will curse your time at OU, are not the only ones out there who disregard the eerie myth that was reverently preached to you when touring the campus.

Some feel pretty confident in their own efforts of graduating and disregard the myth with all-intensive purposes of beating the system.

“I’ve walked under the clock tower multiple times… I’ve even rode under it with my bike,” mechanical engineering junior Mitchell Marrs said. “I think the myth is a load of crap. I’ve actually walked under it and I’m graduating early, so I disprove the myth.”

Take that, OU.

A myth is a myth. Believe what you will. Now, being cursed by walking under a clock tower? That’s up for your own digression.

As for me? I’d rather have luck on my side.

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