OKLAHOMA CITY -- People charged with soliciting prostitution will star in a new TV show approved Tuesday by the Oklahoma City Council.Council members hope to eliminate prostitutes from the city by broadcasting the names and photos of their customers.The show will air on Cox Cable Channel 20 starting next month in the afternoon and evening every other Wednesday. It will be updated every two weeks."I really think it will deter the activity," said Frances Lowrey, councilwoman for Ward 4. "It's in people's driveways and kids are seeing it. I don't think we need it in our faces."Lowrey said Tuesday she was grateful for the approval of the resolution but hopes to broadcast individuals for more offenses in the future. She would like to see people charged with child pornography, child molestation and drunken drivers involved in fatal accidents become part of the show's cast.From the council's last meeting Feb. 2, the resolution was amended to require city officials to display findings if an identified individual is found innocent or charges are dismissed. The city will not broadcast the information if the individual asks in writing.The program will cost $457 a week to maintain.Lowrey approached city officials with the idea about a year ago after she found other cities had success using broadcasts as deterrents. She said last week other efforts by the city, such as fines up to $1,000, have had no effect.hello there & you too

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