Rep. Bill Graves has done it again. And, this time, it was inour very own newspaper.

For those of you who don’t know, Bill Graves has been anOklahoma legislator seemingly since statehood. During his time inoffice, he has worked hard to make some of the most asininelycritical comments ever while battling the evil that is the liberalmind.

Over the years, Graves has repeatedly authored legislative billsbanning abortion, banning homosexual adoption and, his favorite,implementing the Ten Commandments in public schools. Graves’2001 bill claimed that, had public-school children been surroundedby the Ten Commandments in school, “America might haveavoided the increasing teenage pregnancies, venereal disease,theft, destruction of property and mass murders that have so oftenbeen occurring in public schools.”

Last year, Graves informed the world that Oklahoma is one ofonly two states in the Union that prohibits tattoos because, ofcourse, God hates them. Good point. If I had the whole world torun, tattoos would definitely be high on my list of priorities.

But Graves’ most recent statement may have been his mostappalling.

A Daily reporter interviewed Graves for a Feb. 10 articleregarding homosexual marriage and union. Graves recently proposed abill prohibiting such contraband behavior and, when questioned bythe reporter, said, “If they get gay marriage, what is tostop them from going back to polygamy or allowingbestiality?”

When I read this, I put down the paper. Who is“they,” I thought? And why would someone believe thatgay marriage will lead to the legalization and popularity ofbestiality?

I’m surprised the reporter could keep a straight faceduring the interview. Maybe they were on the phone, though. Thatwould have been easier.

But Graves went on to defend his position, drawing a distinctionbetween gay marriage and interracial marriage by saying, “Ablack man can’t change his skin color, but homosexuals changetheir orientation a lot.”

First of all, this statement makes a risky implication. Usinglogic (a dangerous tool), I began to wonder if Graves really meanswhat he implies. It is because a black man can’t change hisskin color that we allow interracial marriage? So, if he couldchange his skin color... he should? I hope this was not what Gravesmeant. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t put it past him.

I’d also hope that a state representative would think alittle more before he spoke. I too know that it can be quitedifficult to bite one’s tongue, but I, however, am not a66-year-old elected official.

There are clearly two sides regarding the issue of homosexualmarriage, and it is not this with which I have a problem. I amconcerned, rather, that a man who would make such remarks isrepresenting my state and, thereby, me—a man who apparentlylacks compassion, tolerance and the ability to reason better than,say, a buffalo.

And that’s why I wrote this column. Not to be funny or toattack Rep. Graves, but because I believe that his unconscionablebehavior demands that someone, somewhere stand up and say,“Wait a minute. You’re a moron.”

— William W. Savage, III, is a journalism freshman. Hiscolumn appears every other Friday. He can be reached there & you too

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