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5 ways to de-stress during finals week

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yoga pose

A yogi practices a common yoga move "child's pose" for relaxation, Oct. 2010. 

It’s dead week, and finals are probably destroying you.

Here are five ways to give yourself a little “me time” and de-stress before the big test(s):

1. Actually sleep:

Even though you probably have three finals in two days and need to read a zillion chapters from the textbook you’re only just now picking up — remember sleep is a necessity during finals week! Give yourself time to feel your best so you can make the most of the studying you need to do. An all-nighter won’t really help you in the long run.

2. Spread out your study sessions:

Cramming is never the move. Check out your schedule and build time to study for each of your classes over the course of the next few days instead of waiting until the night before the final. Save yourself from stressing later with a bit of planning now!

3. Go to the movies and zone out for a couple hours:

Finals are probably absorbing your entire life right now, but sometimes it’s good to give yourself a moment to forget all of that! Go head to the Moore Warren Theatre (with the recliner seats) and catch a flick to forget all of the finals week struggles for a couple hours. You’ll feel so much better after!

4. Plan mini study session breaks:

Give you brain some time to recuperate! Studying is never fun, but giving yourself time to digest the information will make finals week much less painful.

5. Make a DIY face mask at home or throw on a sheet mask:

Nothing says “self care” like a skincare routine. An easy at-home mask recipe is just mashing up an avocado and letting it sit on your skin for 30 minutes! Once the mixture starts to harden, take a warm washcloth and wash it off. Avocado is full of vitamins, fats and antioxidants, which are great for preventing breakouts and moisturizing skin!

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