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Third scooter company comes to Norman, seeks expansion

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Gotcha scooters (copy)

Gotcha scooters on University Boulevard on May 6.

The CEO of the third rideshare company in Norman and on OU’s campus is taking steps to expand the relationship between his company and the community.

Sean Flood, CEO and founder of Gotcha, said he created the company almost 10 years ago to help college students move around their campuses in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Today, Gotcha is the only e-share mobility company that offers four different electric products — bikes, scooters, rideshares and trikes — in one app, Flood said.

Gotcha products have been a part of the OU community for about two years, with the implementation of Crimson Cruisers bikes on campus. This partnership between OU and Gotcha has led to the expansion from bikes to electric scooters in Norman.

“Scooters have been live for a little over a week now, and the fleet continues to grow,” Flood said Wednesday. “We have about 150 of them in Norman now. It’ll continue to grow depending on the success of it.”

A Gotcha scooter can be unlocked for $1 and costs 15 cents per minute after it is unlocked. Similar to other rideshare companies, Gotcha uses an app with a GPS map to help customers locate the closest scooters. The app, available on Android and iOS, also has a "scan-to-ride" function, a how-to guide and an option to report an issue.

Flood said Gotcha provides products to over 80 universities around the U.S. Norman is the first and only city in Oklahoma utilizing Gotcha products, but Flood said he hopes to expand across the state.

“We really wanted to start in Norman because of our relationship with OU and how successful Crimson Cruisers has been,” Flood said. “Our hope is to add e-bikes next. We hope to have e-bikes there in time for back to school, so students can choose between either an e-bike or a scooter.”

Flood said that Gotcha hopes to add additional products in the fall as well, but it is dependent on the interests of OU and the city of Norman.

“It’s been a great two years — we’ve worked really closely with parking and transportation, student affairs, the city transportation, and they’ve just been amazing partners to work with,” Flood said. “I’m excited to bring additional products and expand the partnership.”

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