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Student-led organization Hacklahoma to host event featuring workshops, tech development, hackathon

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Hacklahoma 2019

Hackers take a break from their projects by loading up on the free food—just one of the many perks of participating in Hacklahoma 2019.

OU’s Hacklahoma returns for its third annual event, promoting teamwork and technological innovation, in February. 

Hacklahoma is a 24-hour hackathon, an event where people come together to create new technology. In the past, participants have created virtual reality projects and IOS and Android apps. 

Amy Le, computer science senior, is the executive director of Hacklahoma and has been a part of the event since its creation. She said she has enjoyed seeing the event grow as more people become aware of Oklahoma’s tech industry.

“People are able to collaborate, learn, build and share their creations using technology," Le said. "So, it’s a really great way for people to get involved with technology even if they have absolutely no background in it.”  

Le said this year’s theme is STEM education and over 300 people are expected to participate. There will be workshops on IOS development and Javascript frameworks, as well as activities like creating web applications.   

Le said she hopes to see new faces from various backgrounds and majors at this year’s event because everyone brings different skills and insights to a project.

“A lot of students come to Hacklahoma really excited to create and make ideas come to life, and I think it’s really exciting seeing that people want to be more involved in tech even when they have no background or experience in programming or anything like that,” Le said. 

Hacklahoma will be Feb. 8-9 in Devon Hall. The event is free, and participants can register at the event’s website until 11:59 p.m. Jan. 24.

Note: The headline has been updated at 7:47 p.m. Jan. 17, 2020 to reflect that Hacklahoma is a student-led organization.

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