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OU Union Programming Board to conclude 'Stay In and Jam Out' live music series on Instagram

UPB Jam Sessions

The OU Union Programming Board is holding the last session for its Instagram Live series, "Stay In and Jam Out," at 7 p.m. April 24.

The OU Union Programming Board will host its third and final Instagram Live music session on Friday.

“Stay In and Jam Out” is a live music session hosted by UPB on its Instagram on Fridays at 7 p.m. John Laufersweiler, UPB programming director and vocal music education sophomore, was originally in charge of “Rock the Union,” a live music event in the Oklahoma Memorial Union on April 10, but it was canceled because of campus closing due to the pandemic. 

“Especially in this time with all the stress and confusion that we’re dealing with, I believe that music is a way to connect with people and bring them back to something they love,” Laufersweiler said.

UPB is unable to host events in the Union as it normally does, so Laufersweiler and his committee decided to bring “Rock the Union” to students online through “Stay In and Jam Out.”

“(UPB) is known for having events almost every day throughout the Oklahoma Memorial Union, and we wanted to try and keep that alive and interact with the students,” Laufersweiler said.

They asked the artists who were supposed to perform at “Rock the Union” if they’d like to perform live for an Instagram audience, and three artists said yes.

The first session was held April 10 and featured jazz and meteorology junior Jeffrey Stevenson, and the second was held April 17 and featured Bronte, otherwise known as Lennon Bramlett, creative media production senior. The upcoming session on April 24 will feature Stevenson again, along with piano accompanist Jacob Nance, music performance junior. 

Listeners can tune in to UPB’s Instagram at 7 p.m. April 24 to hear music from Stevenson and Nance. 

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