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OU graduate student, alumnus duo Back to Bassix to perform at Norman Music Festival

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Tiffany Legg Scott Olsen Back to Bassix

Back to Bassix's Tiffany Legg, OU graduate student, and Scott Olsen, OU almnus, perform at Hollywood Corners, Norman. 

Vocal and bass guitar duo Back to Bassix will play for the second time at Norman Music Fest on April 27.

Two years ago, Tiffany Legg, a first year Environmental Studies graduate student, began the jazz, blues and metal influenced band with OU alumnus Scott Olsen.

Legg took some time off before beginning graduate school to gain the performance experience she said she lacked during her time as an undergraduate student at OU. After performing with the Sooner Theatre, Cimarron Opera Company and various cover bands, Legg started working on Back to Bassix.

The two started writing music together after Legg’s mom, Olsen’s co-worker at Dimensions Academy, recommended the collaboration, Legg said.

“He started sharing bass tunes with me and I immediately took to writing the lyrics and melodies for the tunes he sent,” Legg said. “He has even been able to write bass versions of songs I’ve written on my own and I am so happy that I finally get to see them come to life in front of audiences.”

Back to Bassix performs original music as well as covering artists like The Animals, Dead Kennedys and Black Sabbath, according to their website. Legg described the bass and vocal combination as jazzy and funky, with rock and blues influences.

“Our roots as songwriters are in punk and metal, and if you listen closely, you may hear it,” Legg said.

In addition to being a singer, lyricist and songwriter for the band, Legg is a graduate assistant for the Gallogly College of Engineering leadership program, a lab teaching assistant for the Biology department, a wife and a mother of a 2-year-old. She described it all as a balancing act.

“Being a graduate student on top of that has its challenges, but I follow a schedule and it usually goes well until something goes wrong, like getting sick,” Legg said. “Somehow through all of this, I’ve maintained a 4.0 and my sanity. My favorite thing in the world is spending time with my family and watching my little boy grow, but music helps me keep a balance and allows me to do something just for myself.”

Back to Bassix played Norman Music Festival in 2018 on the indoor Michelangelo’s stage. Though they were nervous last year during their first big show, the duo is excited to play on an outdoor stage for a bigger audience, Legg said. 

“The most exciting part of this year is getting to perform with less nerves and more joy,” Legg said. “We are excited to share the fun show we prepared with a bigger audience and hopefully gain some new fans.”

Back to Bassix will play at 5 p.m. on April 27 at the Songwriter Alley Stage.

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Alma Cienski is a modern dance performance and public relations junior and a culture reporter for The Daily.

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