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OU College of Fine Arts to hold incubation lab for professional artists in May

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Arts Incubation Lab

The Arts Incubation Lab will be held May 19-25.

The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship of OU’s College of Fine Arts will hold its first Arts Incubation Lab May 19-25, with applications due Jan. 21.

The Arts Incubation Lab is a skilled workshop, dedicated to professional artists and entrepreneurs who have polished, highly-developed ideas that are in a fit state to be evaluated by art experts.

There are two fees included in the application: an application fee of $150 and a session fee of $1,000; however, full and partial scholarships are available to applicants who apply for the lab early.

“Through integrative thinking between both the disciplines within the fine arts and business, AME teaches students powerful tools and frameworks to bring together the skills, concepts, and knowledge (such as strategy, negotiation, and marketing) they will need to achieve in any career they choose in the arts,” said Adrian Fung, creator of OU’s Arts Incubation Lab.

The program will access professional artists, who are in the advanced stages of their projects, based on their originality, inventiveness, influence and overall experience.

“Most arts incubators or accelerators cover the entire process from concept to delivery,” Fung said. “In order to focus the assets provided in this program, Arts Incubation Lab is designed for the advanced stages of a project and not developing the concept of a project.”

Applicants can expect to connect with accomplished panelists from a variety of visual arts disciplines, including symphony orchestras, record labels and leading executives from large-scale art organizations.

In order to break traditional granting agency methods, the Arts Incubation Lab is going beyond monetary resources, focusing on all-inclusive, direct interactions and breakout sessions to improve participants’ art without leaving any ideas on the back burner.

The lab will be held in Oklahoma City, and the program site and expert panelists will revealed soon.

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