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OU amid coronavirus: Sam Noble Museum holds 'Dinosaur Art Contest' for students in Oklahoma, Norman's sister cities

Dino Art Contest

A graphic for the art contest.

The Sam Noble Museum in Norman is inviting preschool to 12th grade Oklahoma students to get creative in its online “Dinosaur Art Contest.” 

The virtual contest is for all Oklahoma students and students in Norman’s sister cities of Clermont-Ferrand, France; Colima, Mexico; Seika, Japan; and Arezzo, Italy. Students can submit artwork inspired by or depicting dinosaurs in the competition.

“With kids being out of school and everyone’s schedules getting flipped upside down, this would be something fun that kids could work on alone if they’re older or as a family or with a parent or guardian if they’re younger,” said Brittany Belli, marketing and public relations officer for Sam Noble Museum.

The competition had been planned before the COVID-19 pandemic and entries were originally going to be on display in an exhibit at the museum, Belli said.

“We still wanted to be involved with the Norman community and Oklahoma students … and sister cities,” Belli said. “We thought (the online competition) would still be a great way to roll it out and reach people.”

Participants can choose a variety of ways to show their dinosaur, including photography, prints, paintings, drawings, sculpture, paper mâché, recyclable materials, fabric, textiles and jewelry, according to the contest guidelines.

Participants can upload their entries through an online form. The competition opened on April 13 and will run through May 10. Belli said about 100 entries have been submitted so far. All entries are then uploaded to corresponding Flickr albums online that are separated by grade level, Belli said.

Entries will be separated by grade levels and will be judged by scientists and staff from the Sam Noble Museum based on theme, creativity and overall design, Belli said.

Each grade category will have first, second and third place awards as well as best in show awards. Each sister city will also have first, second, third and best in show awards.

Winning entries will be displayed on Sam Noble Museum’s website after May 10, according to the website. 

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