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Neighborhood Jam to hold dinner fundraiser for Norman Philharmonic ahead of 10th anniversary

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Norman Philharmonic

The Norman Philharmonic performs for Martin Luther King Jr. Day at OU on Jan. 21, 2019. The philharmonic will host a fundraiser at Neighborhood Jam on Dec. 13.

The Norman Philharmonic will celebrate its upcoming 10th anniversary with a dinner fundraiser for new music at Neighborhood Jam.

Neighborhood Jam will give a percentage of its dinner earnings to the Norman Philharmonic on Friday, Dec. 13. The money will help pay for a work the philharmonic is commissioning for its upcoming 10th anniversary, said Richard Zielinski, a Norman Philharmonic conductor and director of choral activities at OU.

“We have a piece that we’re looking at commissioning, the title being ‘Children of a Common Mother,’” Zielinski said. “And it talks about cultures that live in America. And we all live on the earth — that’s the common mother.”

Neighborhood Jam normally runs a Breakfast with Benefits program, in which it gives a community cause like United Way or Big Brothers Big Sisters 20 percent of its breakfast profit. But for the philharmonic benefit, the restaurant will donate dinner earnings instead.

“It really shows how much this community works together to try to help the arts and help these other organizations,” Zielinski said.

The event falls on the 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk and commencement weekend, so Zielinski said he expects lots of people to come.

Zielinski founded the Norman Philharmonic with several other members of the Norman community in 2011. The orchestra gives educational concerts for fourth- and fifth-graders to meet composers and gives a yearly Martin Luther King Jr. Day concert at OU.

“We have a very successful symphony up in Oklahoma City. It’s a very traditional symphony,” Zielinski said. “We look at our season as something that’s more of a journey and a variety of experiences.”

The benefit dinner will be from 5–9 p.m. Dec. 13 at Neighborhood Jam in downtown Norman. 

Molly Kruse is a journalism senior and assistant culture editor at the Daily. She previously worked as culture reporter, copyeditor and social media coordinator.

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