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Myriad Botanical Gardens offer virtual nature lessons to encourage education, relaxation amid COVID-19 pandemic

Botanical Broadcast

As part of its "Botanical Broadcast," Myriad Botanical Gardens will post nature-themed lessons on its website and social media accounts every week, as well as interactive activities such as live readings and yoga.

Every week, Oklahoma City's Myriad Botanical Gardens will host virtual nature lessons to help people of all ages learn about and reconnect with nature while at home.

While public events and programs are currently on hold at Myriad Botanical Gardens due to the spread of the coronavirus, “Botanical Broadcast” is a garden-in-place initiative that features experiments, crafts, activities, poems and playlists that support a weekly garden theme, according to the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ website.

“We’re just trying to think of what we can do to get (people) through this time the best way we can,” said Leslie Spears, director of public relations and marketing at Myriad Botanical Gardens. “We’d like for the children to have a fond memory of the Gardens and what the Gardens did for them.”

The virtual endeavor helps Myriad Botanical Gardens fulfill its mission of “offering year-round horticultural, cultural and recreational programs and events for all,” according to the website.

This week’s theme is “Nature,” and some of the lessons already posted include an experiment studying how water travels through plants, a craft video showing how to draw a tree on paper using tree leaves and nature walk activities. 

Upcoming lessons for this week include a nature poem to recite while washing hands and a playlist on Spotify centered around nature, Spears said.

Other weekly themes include “Rainforest,” “Pollinators,” “Ponds” and “Wind and Light.” The broadcast is planned to run until April 24, but Spears said the end date remains open-ended.

The broadcast will be posted usually between 9–10 a.m. on weekdays on the “Botanical Broadcast” website and the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Spears said. In addition to the broadcast, Myriad Botanical Gardens will post other interactive activities, such as live readings, yoga and gardening tips.

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