'Full Out 2' set to feature OU women's gymnasts, film on campus

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Senior Brenna Dowell performs on the floor April 20.

While Oklahoman filmmakers eagerly await Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” to begin pre-production in November, another film is being made locally — and on OU’s campus.

OU’s official Twitter announced on Aug. 17 that it needed extras to show up at the Reynolds Performing Arts Center for a feature film.  

Actors aged 18 to 25 were called to be extras Friday, Aug. 23 for a new movie being filmed on campus. Extras who worked a full day were paid $75 and $50 for a half day, according to an email from Freihofer Casting.

“Full Out 2” is the second film in a series focused on women’s college gymnastics teams. The first installment of the series was a biography of UCLA Bruins athlete Ariana Berlin. However, the sequel will focus on OU gymnasts Brenna Dowell, Chayse Capps and AJ Jackson. 

The story centers on Dowell’s decision to quit the team in order to pursue her Olympic dreams, and the struggles her teammates must overcome in order to win a second national championship in 2016, according to a casting call

“We are delighted at this opportunity to showcase our incredible women’s gymnastics program and this beautiful university. Exposure of this kind is rare, but everything about OU, from the team to the campus, lends itself well to a movie production,” said Kenny Mossman, senior associate athletics director, to the Oklahoma Film and Music office.

"It has been gratifying to hear the production company raving about its experience in Oklahoma and about the prospects of making movies here," Mossman said. "The gymnastics program that head coach KJ Kindler has built gave us the profile to earn this kind of project, and we are thrilled about the impact that it can make for OU across the country and worldwide.”

It is slated to air next year on Netflix and is produced and directed by Jeff Deverett, the same creator who brought the original “Full Out” (2015) to the screen. The film is co-produced by Barbara Hopkins, according to the casting call.

“We decided to choose (OU) because they had just won another championship,” Hopkins said to The Norman Transcript. “What better way to reward such an outstanding university and an outstanding program, than to make our next gymnastics movie about their program and some of their gymnasts?”

Alix Sternberg is the screenwriter, and casting was directed by Norman’s own Chris Freihofer, according to the casting call.

“‘Full Out 2’ will be even better than the original ‘Full Out,’” Deverett said to PR Newswire in July. “For authenticity, we will be shooting most of the movie on campus at the University of Oklahoma, which is incredible, and we will have amazing gymnastics and dance scenes along with a great story.” 

OU Gymnastics announced on Aug. 26 a call for extras in the final gymnastics scene of the movie. Extras will be needed at Lloyd Noble Center from 5-8 p.m. at Lloyd Noble Center.

 This story was updated at 12:13 p.m. on Aug. 27 to include information about the call for extras.

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