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Crimson and Whipped Cream announces closure

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Crimson & Whipped Cream storefront

The storefront of Crimson and Whipped Cream April 3, 2017. The Campus Corner bakery and coffee shop announced on Instagram that it will close Nov. 9.

Campus Corner coffee shop and bakery Crimson and Whipped Cream announced it will close on Nov. 9. PostScript, the stationery store next door, will also close.

Owner Ashleigh Barnett opened the shop nine years ago, according to a Facebook post. 

“It’s not quite the timing I was expecting for the end of this chapter, but many variables and conversations led me to this decision and I am confident in,” Barnett said in the post. 

Many OU students and locals have voiced their disappointment and sadness about the shop’s closing on Twitter. 

“It was a go-to spot for me and so many of my friends, and I know we’re going to miss a shop of that quality so close to campus,” said Zach Yarbrough, astrophysics sophomore, in a Twitter direct message. “It’s obviously not my place to speculate why the shop is closing, but I’m genuinely surprised. I felt like it was consistently busy — some weekends you couldn’t find a single chair.”

Barnett opened the shop after she left culinary school in New York, hoping to create a welcoming and inclusive woman-owned business in Oklahoma.

“Of course I’m experiencing a variety of emotions right now,” Barnett said in the Instagram post. “But know that I am at peace with my decision and have no regrets.”

Update: This article was updated at 2:25 p.m. Oct. 24 to remove reference to a private event at the coffee shop on Nov. 10, as it is not related to the shop's closure.

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