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7 DIY gifts to create this holiday season

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christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree decorations, pictured Dec. 27, 2013.

With the holidays right around the corner, most people are scrambling to find gifts for everyone in their lives. If money is a little tight this year, some simple arts and crafts may be the answer. Try out some of these holiday gift DIY projects:

1. Personalized soap

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on supplies, try out a DIY soap recipe from Etsy. Give the gift of self-care this holiday season — luxury soap with a personal touch is the perfect gift for the friend that loves to pamper themselves. You’ll need a soap base, molds, coloring of your choice, some kitchen supplies and patience. You can purchase soap-making kits from craft stores, such as Michaels

2. Holiday potpourri

If the soap-making process just burst your DIY confidence bubble, check out this simple stovetop potpourri recipe. This thoughtful gift will spice up a dull kitchen and get your loved one in the holiday spirit. All you need are various herbs and kitchen spices — like cinnamon sticks. Follow one of these combinations or try out your own mix.  

3. Homemade gingerbread fudge

For the foodie, whip up a batch of festive fudge with this recipe from Delish. 

With only five ingredients, this dessert is delicious, simple and giftable. Melt the white chocolate, mix the sweetened condensed milk and spices, pour into a baking dish and let it cool. Grocery stores, such as Walmart, sell white chocolate melting wafers.

Serve the fudge squares on a holiday platter or in mason jar with a thoughtful note and a ribbon.

4. Mason jar hot chocolate

For the chocolate lover in your life, add a packet of hot cocoa powder to a mason jar and top it with candy and marshmallows. To add a special touch, decorate the outside of the jar with ribbon, glitter or paint. Target sells 8-ounce mason jars perfect for this gift.

5. Photo booth ornament

Remind friends and family of sweet memories with a special Christmas tree ornament. Print out your favorite pictures and put them in a clear glass ball ornament, which is available at Michaels. Add some glitter for extra cheer.

6. DIY dog toys

Give your pooch some extra love this year. All you need for this gift is a pair of socks and scissors. For an extra sturdy toy, you can add a few stitches with a needle and thread. This present is perfect for the furry companion in your life.

7. Holiday gift scrub station

If you want to make a gift but aren’t sure how, check out this holiday gift scrub workshop at Natural Grocers in Norman. 

The workshop will teach participants to make chemical free, all-natural bath and body products. Take what you learn and give the gift of a home spa day to someone special. The workshop starts at 2 p.m. on Dec. 8 at Natural Grocers, 1918 W. Main St. Visit their website for more information.

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