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OU India Student Association will celebrate Holi festival with color-filled event

Holi 2020

The OU Indian Student Association flyer for the 2020 Holi event.

The OU India Student Association will host its annual Holi event on March 8.

Holi, known as the Hindu festival of colors or festival of love, is one of the most revered and celebrated festivals in India, according to Holi Festival’s website. 

The date of Holi is different every year, falling at the end of winter after the full moon in March, according to Holi Festival. Holi will be celebrated in India on March 10 this year. 

Participants in the OU India Student Association's spring festival will drench each other with color using water balloons with organically-colored powder and anyone is fair game, according to an email.

“It’s a big festival (in India),” said president Simran Sethi, an adult and higher education graduate student. “We’re trying to make this place home for a lot of the Indian students here.”

Sethi said the event gives international students a way to connect with their home culture, while allowing American students to learn more about Indian culture.

“It’s just color and water, but it’s so much fun and, by the end of it, you realize we’re all the same,” Sethi said. “You all just come together, and you’re just one big group of friends just enjoying your time together.”

The association will offer free mango juice and Indian snacks — samosas and jalebis — one savory and one sweet. Sethi said Bollywood music will also be played at the event.

Sethi said people should wear clothes they don’t mind getting color on and either no shoes or waterproof shoes, since any footwear will get soaked.

The celebration will be from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 8 in Walker-Adams Mall.

Correction: This story was updated at 9:30 a.m. March 5 to reflect the correct the spelling of OU India Student Association. 

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