LatinArte to showcase OU students' cultures through artwork at upcoming event on Campus Corner

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Latin Arte

LatinArte, a student organization at OU, hopes to use its platform to change the perception of Latinx art.

A Latin American art group will highlight the diversity of OU’s Latinx students with a showcase of Latinx art on Nov. 2.

LatinArte’s event, "Roots," will showcase paintings and photographs from six Latinx artists as well as poetry, song performances and an open mic session. The title and theme of the exhibition was chosen to display the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of OU's Latinx artist community, said Ariana Weir, a fine arts junior who will take part in the exhibition.

"For me, when I think about roots, I think a lot about my family,” Weir said. “Where they come from, and also, where I come from ... All the things that have happened (to) my family, and all the things that they have gone through ... how I'm like continuing to grow from that."

LatinArte is a student-run organization that showcases Latinx art from OU’s Latinx students as a way to promote diversity and multicultural understanding at OU and in the Norman community. The organization was founded last fall by Norma Lilia Ruiz Cruz, a dramaturgy senior, and has had two public exhibitions so far.

Weir said LatinArte is an important organization because people have preconceived ideas of what the Latinx population is and looks like, so the exhibition helps people learn more about and support Latinx culture. Additionally, it offers OU's Latinx students an opportunity to see their culture represented and feel like they have a place they belong to.

"It's really cool to have ... a place where we can all show our artwork and come together and ... celebrate all of the stuff that we're doing. I think (it) is really important because sometimes you'll make all this artwork and then you have nowhere to show it, and nobody gets to see it," Weir said.

Any student interested in joining LatinArte can contact the group through its OrgSync, Instagram or Facebook pages.

The event is free and will have snacks. It will be from 6–8 p.m. on Nov. 2 at Second Wind Coffeehouse on Campus Corner.

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