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OU's COVID-19 dashboard reports 61 new positive tests at Goddard Health Center, 30 percent positive rate

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Graphic of people wearing masks September 3. Students miss classes while waiting to be cleared by Goddard after filling out COVID-19 reporting tool, despite negative test results.

On Sept. 2, the Goddard Health Center recorded 61 positive COVID-19 tests, more than doubling the number of positive tests recorded the day before.

According to the OU COVID-19 dashboard — which was updated Friday afternoon to include the Sept. 2 data — Goddard conducted 194 total COVID-19 tests Sept. 2, with the 61 positives resulting in a positive test rate over 30 percent. The data on this section of OU's dashboard accounts only for tests conducted at Goddard.

The university data's recent spike closely mirrors data reported in the City of Norman's COVID-19 dashboard. On Sept. 3, Norman reported 68 new COVID-19 cases, its highest single-day increase since the city began tracking data on April 7.

With the Friday afternoon update, OU also began including Cate Center testing data for students currently living in on-campus housing. On Sept. 3, 143 of the 194 total tests were on-campus residents, with 3 positive results among on-campus students according to the dashboard.

The overall daily total of Goddard tests conducted on Sept. 3 were not provided in today's update, however.

As of Sept. 3, 354 OU community members are in self-isolation or quarantine, including 335 students, 14 staff and five faculty. Individuals in self-isolation have tested positive and are not permitted to leave their isolation spaces, however individuals who are in quarantine have been exposed to the virus and are still permitted to leave their quarantine spaces for certain activities, according to university officials.

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