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OU installs PPE vending machines across Norman campus

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COVID PPE Vending Machine

A vending machine designed to dispense COVID-19 personal protective equipment located inside the Union Sept. 3.

OU will offer an easy way to get personal protective equipment for purchase through pre-existing and newly installed vending machines around campus. 

This equipment will help ensure the safety of OU’s students throughout this semester by mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

Throughout campus, five PPE-specific vending machines were installed by Gilly Vending, which will also add PPE to 28 pre-existing vending machines. The five PPE-specific vending machines have been provided at no cost by the company. 

These new machines will work like any other automated vending machines on campus. They will include a PPE kit for $4.66, a KN95 mask for $7.99, gloves for $.75, cloth masks for $5.48 and alcohol wipes for $.75. These prices are subject to change. 

The addition of the five PPE-specific vending machines, along with adding PPE to the 28 pre-existing machines, are part of the Clean and Green Initiative. There is no cost to the university with any of these, “meaning it doesn’t reflect any budget,” said Kesha Keith, OU director of media relations in an email to The Daily. 

OU created a virtual map of the new PPE vending machine, available on the Public Health & Safety website.

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