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OU Housing, Food Services recommends students move out of residence halls

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Coronavirus COVID-19

OU Housing and Food Services recommended students living in residence halls move out due to COVID-19 related health concerns, according to an email from OU Housing and Food Services.

Students living in Traditions or Kraettli Apartments will be allowed to stay on campus, as well as international students who cannot travel home, according to the email. Students who do not have other living arrangements may also stay, along with students who cannot travel home due to health or safety risk. 

The email asked students who need to remain to fill out the special circumstance form in the housing portal.

“Due to the extraordinary circumstances, students choosing to stay on-campus will be asked to observe special precautions to maximize social distancing and assist in the university effort to ensure the health of the OU and Norman communities,” said ShaRhonda Maclin, executive director of Housing and Residence Life, in the email.

According to the email, these special precautions include discouraging outside guests, possible relocation if conditions worsen and limiting dining service hours and options.

Other students who do not qualify for special circumstance housing are encouraged to check out from the residence halls by March 31 if already on campus, or can schedule a move-out time from April 6 to April 18 if they are out of town, according to the email. 

To check out, students must complete the express checkout form in the housing portal, schedule a time to move out and drop off the key in the key drop box located outside of Walker Tower once finished, unless located in Dunham or Headington, according to the email. Possessions will remain in the room until retrieved, but move-out appointments must be scheduled by April 18.

According to the email, students who move out of their housing assignment will receive a prorated refund for housing and meals for the time period of April 1 to May 9, which will be processed up to four weeks after the check out process is complete. Some students who receive university funding for housing and food may not be able to receive a refund.

“We recognize the many advantages of living on campus including daily forging of relationships, care and support from your peers and residence life staff, and the convenience and safety of living in close proximity to campus and one another,” Maclin said. “However, normal operations of our residence halls with our full population is challenging to maintain effectively given the state of our current public health crisis.”

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