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Pop artist donates 30 pieces to Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art welcomes visitors Aug. 31. The museum recently received an art donation from a Los Angeles pop artist.

Ed Ruscha, an American artist most commonly associated with the Pop Art movement, has donated 30 pieces from his private collection to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

Michael Bendure, director of communication for the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, said Ruscha's collection was installed on Monday and became open to the public on Tuesday in the Sandy Bell Gallery. 

Bendure said he has not been able to see the public's reaction to the exhibit with the busy start of the school year, but hopes to soon.

"The museum has a pretty amazing contemporary modern art collection and we are only limited by space," he said. "To receive a collection like this is incredibly exciting for us."

Ruscha's donation allows the museum to rotate new art into the Sandy Bell Gallery and take out artwork that has been on exhibit for the past few months, Bendure said. 

"Visitors will see mostly new works from Ed, but will also see works they recognize from the museum's permanent collection," he said.

Ruscha's donation to the museum is not the first. Ruscha donated 13 pieces of his personal works last year, according to a press release.

“The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is an outstanding institution of the Southwest," Ruscha said in a press release. "I am honored to have my work be part of its collection. There is a bit of Oklahoma residing in each one of these works.” 

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